A focus on the main character amantha starr in the novel band of angels

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Band of Angels

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Her widower father, a wealthy plantation owner, dotes on her and he sends her to the best schools. When he dies suddenly however, Amantha's world is turned upside down.

"BAND OF ANGELS" () Review I have been a fan of period dramas for a long time. A very long time. This is only natural, considering that I am also a history buff. Warners' Band of Angels is a fine single-disc release. The biggest improvement is the good enhanced widescreen transfer; on old open-matte flat TV prints the drama tended to get lost in Raoul Walsh's unfocused wide shots.

A Warner Bros extravaganza based on the novel by Robert Penn Warren, "Band of Angels" is a grand and episodic Civil War epic, a lyrical love story between a virile slave owner named Hamish Bond (Clark Gable) and half-white, half-black southern belle Amantha Starr (Yvonne deCarlo).

"Band of Angels" begins with Amantha as a young girl whose wealthy white father is a recently deceased plantation. MAIN Links. Overview Full Credits Contribute. FOR Band of Angels () YOU CAN.


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Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Ethan Sears. Patric Knowles Charles de Marigny. As the story line unfolds the reader is trapped in a world of disbelief and anger. The main character, Amantha Starr, shows the reader that life is not always what it seems to be. On a plantation near Danville, Kentucky, Amantha grew up knowing only the love of her father, Aaron Pendleton Starr.

A focus on the main character amantha starr in the novel band of angels
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