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The Government Inspector Essay

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The Government Inspector written by Nikolai Gogol, performed by the State theatre Company uses extravagant sets, over the top acting, beautiful costumes/make up, innovative use of music and effective lighting, to present a humorous reflection of society's corruption and selfishness.

The Government Inspector Homework Help Questions. What is the role played by The Mayor in the Government Inspector?

The mayor is the leader of the group of officials that run the small Russian. The Government Inspector Summary The Government Inspector, by Nikolai Gogol, has also been translated into English under the titles The Inspector General, and The Inspector.

The written play was brought to the attention of the Tsar Nicholas I, who liked it so much that he insisted on its production. The Government Inspector, also known as The Inspector General (Russian: «Ревизор», Revizor, literally: "Inspector"), is a satirical play by the Russian and Ukrainian dramatist and novelist Nikolai Gogol.

Originally published inthe play was revised for an edition. Based upon an anecdote allegedly recounted to Gogol by Pushkin, the play is a comedy of errors, satirizing.

The Government Inspector, by Nikolai Gogol, has also been translated into English under the titles The Inspector General, and The Inspector. The written play was brought to the attention of the Tsar Nicholas I, who liked it so much that he insisted on its production.

The Government Inspector was written by Gogol in during a time when government surveillance and censorship was at its height.

Tsar Nicholas was in power and his fear of revolution forced a lot of writers at the time to limit what they intended to show and .

Essays on the government inspector
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