The rising energy crisis in the world and the role of opec in the problem

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How Venezuela Struck It Poor

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I would like to remember the interesting presentations of Hans Rosling about demographics and his comment: “When international aid helps ensure that more kids survive, families eventually shrink in size, and economies expand, as the data shows over and over again”.

What is the energy problem? It has several parts. In the early ’70s, the temporary boycott of the world market by OPEC caused the price of petroleum to rise dramatically, as petroleum is the most common source of energy used in heat generation, production, commerce, transportation, and residential facilities.

1970s energy crisis

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*World Price - The only very long term price series that exists is the U.S. average wellhead or first purchase price of crude. When discussing long-term price behavior this presents a problem since the U.S.

2000s energy crisis

imposed price controls on domestic production from late to January Argentine energy crisis; North Korea has had energy shortages for many years. Zimbabwe has experienced a shortage of energy supplies for many years due to financial mismanagement. Political riots occurring during the Burmese anti-government protests were sparked by rising energy prices.

The rising energy crisis in the world and the role of opec in the problem
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